YOU JUST FOUND A GOLD MINE!

Reference photos are one of the most important tools for taxidermy.  Without them, you are just guessing, and that most generally will yield poor results.  And another thing, there's no such thing as too much reference.

You now have no excuse NOT to have some high quality taxidermy reference photos, reason being, I've made a number of them available to you for FREE!
Besides, I figure when you mount up on the REAL DEER FORMS™,  these photos will make it easier for you to make your mounts look like real deer!
Limitations are that the photos be used for your own personal reference use.

With one exception, these are sized so that you can print them out all the way up to 8" x 10 1/2" if you so desire, or just save them directly to your computer.  The exception I mentioned is the whitetail deer eye reference photos.  Those I sized so that they would come out in the ball park of lifesize.

Another option for prints is to download to a disk and then take the disk to a photo department to get 4" x 6" prints made for cheap.

The larger file sizes may be a little slow to download if you are on a slow dial-up connection, but these are worth the wait.  I had to wait a loooong time just to take some of these photos!  Deer are not very often the easiest photography models to work with.
Glen Conley
Whitetail Reference Photo Interpretation Demonstration
            Whitetail deer briskets and "arm pits"
    Whitetail deer photos courtesy of
Real Deer Forms sculptor Glen Conley
A full line of whitetail deer taxidermy reference photos taken specifically for taxidermy applications by Glen Conley are available.  To learn more, click here.  here
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REAL DEER FORMS whitetail deer taxidermy forms
REAL DEER FORMS whitetail deer taxidermy forms