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Learn how to use photo reference to mount on a REAL DEER FORM by using
                           REAL LIVE WHITETAIL DEER PICS

                        Whitetail deer taxidermists with web sites
Taxidermy habitat weathered stump taxidermy form sculpture
by Glen Conley
Real Deer Forms
Taxidermy.Net was created by Ken Edwards, and is sponsored by his company, WASCO. It is the internet Masterpiece of Taxidermy Websites that provides a gathering point for ALL members of the taxidermy community.

A special public THANK YOU is extended to Mr. Edwards, and WASCO, for their generosity, and contributions in promoting modern taxidermy, and the taxidermy industry.
taxidermy habitat stump
      The Weathered Stump
        is now being made at
   Quality Taxidermy Supply
An ideal wild turkey mount base!        $39.95 ready to finish
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squirrel form on bark display panel
European mount on bark display panel
Bark Panel for small mammal display unfinished $12.99
Bark Panel for European Mount display unfinished $12.99
Dan Jennings photographed his work as he went and put together a WHITETAIL TAXIDERMY HOW-TO WITH REAL DEER FORMS.  See the mounting sequence:
                               Basic Whitetail Mounting Illustrated 
Ohio whitetail mounted on one of the REAL DEER taxidermy forms.
Texas whitetail mounted on one of the REAL DEER taxidermy forms.
Dan Jennings stands with a yearling Ohio whitetail he mounted on the very first REAL DEER FORM!
Pictured is a Texas Hill Country whitetail mounted by Texas taxidermist Becky Phillips on the same model as Dan mounted the Ohio whitetail on.

    NEW whitetail doe forms!

                                    TAXIDERMY MOUNT PHOTOS
             I'll add to the photo gallery as good representative photos come in.
                                          Taxidermy Mount Photos
Real Deer Forms  are available through Quality Taxidermy Supply!

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