fighting whitetail bucks
          Whitetail deer photos courtesy of
REAL DEER FORMS™ sculptor Glen Conley.
Limitations are that the photos be used solely for your own personal reference use.
A full line of whitetail deer taxidermy reference photos taken specifically for taxidermy applications by Glen Conley are available.  To learn more, click here.  here
Whitetail Deer Taxidermy Forms            are available from
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Fighting Deer Pic
The position of the ears in aggressive deer and the shape the ear butt muscles take can be seen quite easily here.
REAL DEER FORMS whitetail deer taxidermy forms
REAL DEER FORMS whitetail deer taxidermy forms
               STOP-ROT, a truly versatile and multiple use taxidermy product.

STOP-ROT was developed as an aid in preventing hair and epidermal slip.  STOP-ROT on mammal skins extends the work time of a fresh hide by slowing down or stopping decompositions.  It also helps to prevent freezer burn on frozen specimens. A lot of skins and capes that would normally be trashed can be saved with STOP-ROT. Not only has it been stopping epidermal and hair slips, it has also been improving efficiency of acids in the pickle.  STOP-ROT makes fleshing and turning much simpler, faster and efficient.

Apply as soon as possible after the animal has been skinned. If it is a frozen skin or cape, apply as soon as possible during and after the thawing process.

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