Reference Photo Deer Facial Expressions
REAL DEER FORMS whitetail deer taxidermy forms
REAL DEER FORMS whitetail deer taxidermy forms
Have you ever seen a facial expression like this on a deer before?

And may I ask as to WHY not?

I take it you have never given a deer a back massage before?

You've missed a lot.  You haven't got to see them roll their eyes around in their head, eye lids and brows move all over the place, lips tremble and pucker, wrinkle and flatten their noses, and show other body language that if it were spoken would be saying, "Over to the right, there, there, there.  Now up, over just a little.  There, there, there.  Don't stop, yer doin' good."

Look at what the facial muscle flexions have done to the angular facial vein/artery in this photo.
    Whitetail deer photos courtesy of
Real Deer Forms sculptor Glen Conley.
Limitations are that the photos be used solely for your own personal reference use.
A full line of whitetail deer taxidermy reference photos taken specifically for taxidermy applications by Glen Conley are available.  To learn more, click here.  here
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