There are eleven photos illustrating whitetail taxidermy how-to on this page.
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You are on page 3 of the whitetail mounting article with Dan Jennings.
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The pupils should be level with the ground.  Using a flashlight on the eyes with a dark iris helps quite a bit in doing this.  The shape of the corneal swell will be symmetrical from side to side if your pupils are set to level.  Be sure your eyes protrude at equal distances, and that they are set at the same distance from the nose.
The phone rings, it was Dan.  He said, "You DO REALIZE that you just revolutionized eye setting don't you?"

I know darn good and well I had one of those doo-doo eating grins on my face when I replied to him, "I was wondering how easy it was going to be for someone else to follow my thinking."

Dan went on, "I looked at those deep sockets and I was thinking I've never seen anything like this before, but I didn't alter anything, I thought I would just go ahead and try it the way you had it set up.

I didn't use any reference or anything, I just figured I would go ahead and try it with the same eye work style I've been using for years.  I filled the lower part of the eye socket, and then I filled the upper part, and then I looked at it to see what else I was going to need to do.  It was done!  Two balls of clay, and it WAS DONE!  It only took minutes to shape the eye, and I mean minutes!  That was the easiest eyes I've EVER clayed in!  I was even able to get that front eye corner, which I had never been able to get before.

It would just about be hard to screw these eyes up.  You just fill and blend in to the natural contours, get a bit too much and you can see it, you just trim it off!"
NOTE:  You can see he got his seam line from his father's side.
If you would like to contact Dan for any full service taxidermy, he is available 9 to 5 week days, and during Ohio's deer season at anytime. Phone Dan Jenning's Taxidermy at 1-740-849-2255
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STOP-ROT was developed as an aid in preventing hair and epidermal slip.  STOP-ROT on mammal skins extends the work time of a fresh hide by slowing down or stopping decompositions.  It also helps to prevent freezer burn on frozen specimens. A lot of skins and capes that would normally be trashed can be saved with STOP-ROT. Not only has it been stopping epidermal and hair slips, it has also been improving efficiency of acids in the pickle.  STOP-ROT makes fleshing and turning much simpler, faster and efficient.

Apply as soon as possible after the animal has been skinned. If it is a frozen skin or cape, apply as soon as possible during and after the thawing process.
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