Alpha  Doe
      6 1/2" x 12 1/2"
slight right turn upright
The Alpha Doe form line pays tribute to the matriarch of the woods.  These old does, with teeth worn down to the gum line, and not many winters left, are just as witty as the old bucks and can be just as hard earned a trophy, and let's face it, they make a prettier mount.

Special attention was paid to keeping all the muscle groups in proper flexion and relaxation for the pose, and as a result, it doesn't make any difference if the doe is in summer coat or long winter hair, the graceful curves and flow sculpted into the Alpha Doe forms shows the trophy doe to best advantage.

Ear butt indicators have been sculpted into place with the location of the acoustic meatus well defined in the proper location.  This feature allows for modern plastic earliners or the Bondo method, the accuracy is the same.
World's prettiest doe form?  Might be.
7" x 15 "  right turn semi-sneak $39.95
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