The Weathered Stump
Taxidermy habitat Weathered Stump
Taxidermy habitat Weathered Stump
Taxidermy habitat Weathered Stump
Taxidermy habitat Weathered Stump
Taxidermy habitat Weathered Stump
Taxidermy habitat Weathered Stump detail of split
Taxidermy habitat Weathered Stump top view
The Weathered Stump was designed for taxidermy habitat with the wild turkey in mind, but can just as well be used for a raccoon, fox, bocat, or whatever else your creativity can come up with,

When Terry Lipscomb (owner Quality Taxidermy Supply) and I put our heads together for a stump design, this is what we figured as the criteria to be met:

Look good from any angle, any side can be a display side.

Realistic life size for eye appeal and balance when mount attached.

Light in weight.

Has to look good from a distance, and when the observer gets up close.

No seam line from the mold, a hollow interior for access to the anchoring system, and a plywood reinforced top for anchoring strength.

Can be finished with a simple paint schedule, or can be detailed out to the max by the competition crowd.

Can be used as a base that can sit directly on the floor or table top, or could be worked up into an elaborate habitat display.

A ready to finish product cheaper than the cost of materials as a do it yourselfer project.

The use of synthetic materials to prevent bugs, molds, and odors.  This can overcome taxidermist's clients' objections and complaints (don't forget the wives!) when natural materials are used in their house, in other words, customer pleasing.

The below photos are of the original clay sculpture right after I finished it.  It is now ready ready for mold making.

The height at the split in the back is approximately 14 1/4" from the floor, floor to stump top about 12 1/2", greatest length about 27", widest point about 20".  The top surface is 13" x 16" at the widest points.  To give a better size perspective, the base of the stump would just about cover the area occupied by a double sink. 
taxidermy habitat original stump model
The original model, pictured below, was sculpted over a 6.5 oz. empty mushroom can.
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