taxidermy habitat bark and real bark
taxidermy habitat bark panel
Unless I do extreme close-ups, I can't get these gray clays to photograph with a digital to save my life, They always turn out black.  Inside, outside, artificial light, sunlight, doesn't make any difference. I use a photo program to lighten the exposure, and it "washes out" detail and contrast.

These photos will at least give you some idea as what to expect in appearance.  I did a close-up of the sculpt and imposed a section of that photo over a photo of the bark of the tree I used as my model.

Then I took a picture of the panel, and washed out the detail and contrast.............
The bark was sculpted in such a manner as to allow a fit of existing small mammal forms.  The feet will sit on the surface without one or two of them sticking up in the air.  Lack of contact with the surface looks kinda bad.

It can be used vertically or horizontally as a wall hanger for squirrels, fish, skulls and Eurpean Mounts.

Laid out flat, it can be used for small mammals such as mink, or birds, whether waterfowl or upland game.

Panel is 9" wide and 25" long, with a thickness of 1 1/2".
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The Bar Pattern Accent Panel is now in production!
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taxidermy bark panel

I had to try photographing the gray clay just one more time.  I changed the camera lens setting and used a photo program to convert it to black and white.  It did seem to help some.

If everything goes well, there may even be a mold made of this one by this time next week.
It has been a long week........

I'm starting to think that I may be trying to do too much at once.  I figure as long as I've got "something" continually coming off the production end, life ain't all bad.

Now this is the actual mold the bark panel will be made from.  The Ellzey squirrel form is down inside the mold.  Again, the finished panel will be the oval shape like you saw in the clays above.